Dealing with Destructive Dog Behavior

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Route 66

Maral Cavner is pursuing a career in animal rights and welfare and dogs and animal safety remain a passion of hers. As a founding board member of Route 66, a no-kill dog rescue in Nixa, Missouri, Maral Cavner strives to find dogs their forever home. One of the most challenging aspects of dog ownership is dealing with destructive behavior. Take these steps to help your dog deal with these behaviors and grow your relationship in the process.

Walks – Taking your dog on regular walks is one of the easiest ways to mitigate destructive behavior. Like children, dogs have massive amounts of energy. If this energy isn’t expunged in a healthy way, it can quickly become destructive.

Hunger – If your dog has an inconsistent diet, or isn’t getting enough food, behavior can turn destructive. When hungry, your dog may tear things apart in search of food. At-risk objects include anything that smells of food or any object your dog associates with food.

Lack of Attention and Socialization – Your dog may be tearing up your stuff to show they love you, oddly enough. If you’re busy or otherwise distracted and not giving your dog enough attention, destructive behavior might be their way of garnering your attention. Similarly, it’s important for dogs to socialize and play with other dogs, and when they don’t get out to play enough, your couch may become their plaything.