Teaching Your Dog the “Stay” Command

Stay Command pic
Stay Command
Image: wikihow.com

Maral Cavner is a passionate animal lover who has ridden horses for more than 10 years. Also especially fond of dogs, Maral Cavner is a founding board member of the Route 66 no kill animal rescue.

There are several basic commands dog owners should teach their companions. The “stay” command can be helpful in a number of situations. As is the case with most commands, individuals should begin teaching a dog to stay while it is leashed. After the dog has taken a seated position and assumed a calm energy, owners should give the verbal stay command and take one step forward. Owners also can develop a hand gesture to accompany the command. After a short period of time, owners should step backwards and reward the dog, assuming the animal has remained in its sitting position.

In the event that the dog does not stay, owners can calmly deliver their negative verbal command and have the dog sit once more. As the dog comes to understand the basics of the stay command, owners can practice taking more steps forward and giving the command in a variety of outdoor and indoor locations. An owner can also develop a release word that allows the dog to break its stay and return to the owner’s side.