Responsible Dog Ownership

As a volunteer with PAWSitive Outreach, Maral Cavner cares for cats and dogs that experienced abuse at the hands of previous owners. Additionally, Maral Cavner is a founding executive board member for the no-kill animal rescue group Route 66. Animal shelters and rescues often take in dogs neglected or abandoned by owners who were unprepared for the responsibility of caring for an animal. Before making the decision to adopt a dog, it is important to consider the following.

Dogs need your attention. Like humans, dogs need socialization and exercise. A dog that is left alone for prolonged periods of time, or that is rarely walked or played with, can become depressed. A responsible dog owner will make exercise and play a priority.

Dogs need your protection. A responsible pet owner takes steps to protect his or her dog by supplying him with identification tags or microchipping and staying current on vaccinations. Additionally, enrolling in training courses with your dog will help socialize him, and may prevent harmful interactions with other animals or people.

Dogs need a forever home. Many dogs living in shelters have experienced neglect and need a human to care for them and show them kindness. A responsible pet owner adopts a dog with the intention of long-term commitment and understands that adopting a pet means adopting him for life.