How to Help Your Local Animal Shelter

Maral Cavner is a founding board member of the Route 66 No-Kill Animal Rescue. Maral Cavner is currently assisting Route 66 in its expansion toward becoming a fully realized shelter.


Helping the local animal shelter is a great way to give back to the community, support a noble cause, and bring happiness into the lives of countless animals. Individuals can contribute to an animal shelter in several ways, including both direct and indirect approaches. Direct methods of assistance include traveling to the shelter to help walk and clean dogs, promoting the shelter online and around town, and of course adopting an animal.


There are other ways to help an animal shelter that may take longer but are equally as important. Those who wish to make a difference in a more formal way can pursue further education in veterinary medicine or even business management and then use their skills to strengthen a local shelter. The average no-kill animal shelter is especially in need of employees and volunteers who can assist in legal matters.