Posture and Breathing Tips for Beginning Trumpet Players

Involved in the arts, Maral Cavner is fond of acting in films and playing the trumpet. In fact, Maral Cavner is a seasoned trumpet player, who has played for 11 years.

Exercising proper form and breathing is necessary for becoming a sound trumpet player. When holding the instrument, a person should avoid pointing the trumpet toward the ground. While it is natural to angle the instrument slightly downward, an elevated trumpet allows a player to inhale and exhale fully because he or she is not slouching. In addition, the posture should be upright but not rigid, and the knees, shoulders, and overall body should remain relaxed.

To power a blow, a player should inhale deeply and imagine the air filling the lower regions of the core. By keeping this in mind, a trumpet player avoids lifting the shoulders and tensing up. Furthermore, breathing should keep pace with a song’s tempo, so once the air is inhaled, it must be immediately released. Holding one’s breath is not advised and is counterproductive.