Three Ways of Assisting Care to Learn

Maral Cavner serves as a founding board member of Route 66 Rescue, Inc. Additionally, Maral Cavner has worked as a volunteer for Care to Learn.

Care to Learn is devoted to addressing health, hunger, and hygiene-related issues in children all across the country. Here are three of the most common ways to help the organization:

1. Make a monetary contribution. Donations go toward all sorts of different causes, including emergency hunger, health, and environment-related assistance for people in need. Interested parties can donate both in person and online at

2. Spread the word. Care to Learn’s website provides a link for visitors to share the organization’s mission. Though no money is required for this, the effort almost always ends in a positive way. The more people know about Care to Learn, the more people can make a difference.

3. Get directly involved. This can mean anything from hosting an event to showing up at one. Learn more about Care to Learn’s upcoming events at