Basic Tips for the Beginning Horseback Rider

Missouri native Maral Cavner participated in a variety of activities while completing her undergraduate and graduate education. This includes serving as an intern for the International Campaign for Tibet in both Washington, D.C., and Dharamshala, India. Outside of her professional pursuits, Maral Cavner enjoys a variety of athletic pursuits, including horseback riding, which she participated in for 10 years.

Maral Cavner horseback riding
Maral Cavner horseback riding

Horseback riding is a favorite pastime for many individuals for a variety of reasons, including spending time with animals, enjoying nature, and getting a workout. Individuals interested in horseback riding for the first time should keep some tips in mind.

1. If you have never ridden on horseback before, it is beneficial to take lessons at a reputable stable or ranch. Classes pair you with an experienced instructor who can help you adjust to the horse and teach you about the equipment you need.

2. Participating in horse grooming is a good way to familiarize yourself with your horse in a relaxing atmosphere for you and the animal. In addition, grooming allows you to examine the horse for any injuries before you ride. Consider volunteering at a stable.

3. Staying aware of your surroundings is crucial. Ensure you ride away from low branches, steep drop-offs, and fences in case of a fall. You should also never stand directly in front or in back of your horse.