The Arts Alliance at the Atlanta International School

Maral Cavner graduated from Emory University in 2013 with highest honors, earning a bachelor of arts in sociology. An involved leader on campus and in the community, she has served as a tutor and mentor to younger students on many occasions. While at Emory, Maral Cavner volunteered as a tutor at the Atlanta International School.

The Atlanta International School (AIS) was created with the mission of helping extraordinary young people develop into successful citizens capable of meeting the opportunities and challenges of a fast-changing world. In its work to achieve this, AIS sustains a high standard of learning and teaching that has earned it a worldwide reputation as a leader in education. The school has a wide range of programs focused on the arts, and in 2007, it created the Arts Alliance to assist the theatre, music, and visual arts departments with their events.

The Arts Alliance serves as a platform for parents, students, and teachers to help the school’s arts departments reach their goals throughout the year and over the long term. Through the Arts Alliance, volunteers are able to participate in music performance, theatre productions, and art exhibits. Individuals who are a part of the alliance perform a variety of supportive tasks from hanging student artwork in a gallery to providing refreshments at performances. The work of these volunteers allows student performances and exhibitions to reach a scope beyond what would normally be possible.